Quotes, Estimates & Pricing

NPES Quotes, Estimates & Pricing

NPES can provide a Quote or Estimate free of charge.  This applies to all services we provide, gives a more accurate idea of pricing and is valid for 30 Days.

The key to success in a package of works is providing the most accurate estimation possible.  As the nature of site conditions can vary significantly during the course of situations such as the excavation of areas where an accurate or up to date mud map may not be available, the costs of works cannot be listed in terms of direct pricing.  

The cost of works where we are providing you, as our client, a total refurbishment including tank, piping and pump or bowser works will vary depending on the type and size of any given site or the equipment and materials required.  We can however provide you with a prompt Estimate or Quotation and work with you to tailor a solution that suits your needs. 

*Disclaimer* NPES is happy to provide advice within initial consultations however this will only be general in nature.  A full site or equipment inspection with official Estimate or Quotation with authorisation is legally required for NPES to provide advice in an official capacity.

Fuel Pump Refurbishment & Sales If you haven’t already discovered from our front page or other links, NPES also sells some refurbished fuel pumps and can offer refurbishment as a service.  Pumps range from all types and brands and we can provide installation and on-going maintenance.  To view our sales page and see current pump offerings click on our little friend below!

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